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Industry News
Issue 203
1st Quarter 2000

Economic Peaks and Valleys

Economic demands cycle through peaks and valleys in all types of industries. During prosperous times, capital equipment projects are frequently pursued. This makes perfect sense due to increased company profitability and thus a greater amount of capital money available for process improvements. The question I pose: How can your company maintain profit levels during economic valleys? If demand and/or selling price of your product remains constant or even decreases, there is one way to accomplish this task. Decrease your cost involved in producing your products. This is the area in which Bliss Industries can help you.

Our goal is to provide a process that decreases your production costs while maintaining or improving your product quality objectives. The 21st Century is here. Outdated processes are continuing to leave your company vulnerable to economic valleys. If given the opportunity, we at Bliss will be glad to provide you with a process audit to determine areas in which you can save on production costs. We ask that you give us a chance to improve your efficiency. Anyone can make money during economic peaks. TEAMBLISS can assist you in improving your bottom line during the economic valleys.

Prepared by: Jason Kessler - Eastern Regional Sales Manager


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