Feeders/Magnet Adapters

Uniform feed rates directly effect the amount of product produced per kilowatt. Incorporating a Bliss Rotary Feeder/Magnet Adapter will increase the profitability of an existing processing system by allowing precise control over the feed rate of the product.

It features variable speed drives that regulate the feeder speed to a preselected amp load of the processing equipment (i.e., hammermill). The feeder features an Automatic Self-Cleaning, Manual Self-Cleaning, or Manual Clean Magnet Adapter. The combination Rotary Feeder/Magnet Adapter fits compactly into any existing system, reducing typical height requirements by 16″ to 20″.

Bliss’s Feeder/Magnet Adapters are built to perfectly fit on top of our hammermills and pellet mills. The addition of a Feeder/Magnet can boost efficiency and optimize the system’s output.