About Bliss Industries, LLC.

Welcome to Bliss Industries.  As you navigate through our website, you will understand why so many worldwide trusted company names in the industry have chosen to purchase, standardize, and operate equipment that is manufactured and supplied by Bliss.

Whether you’re looking for robust industrial processing equipment, knowledgeable and efficient process designs, inventory of original OEM replacement parts, maximum equipment uptime, or old-fashioned customer service – Bliss Industries can support your processing needs.

Bliss equipment is utilized in the production of many products that affect your daily life. Our equipment is involved in the foods that you eat, the food your pet or livestock eat, the materials that make up your home, your deck, your landscaping, the fuel that runs your vehicles to the energy that heats your homes and the businesses where you work. Bliss Industries truly is impacting industries worldwide.

We welcome you to be a part of Bliss Industries. Let us show you how Bliss equipment can help provide efficiency, productivity, and ultimately profitability to your business.

Our products are proudly made in the United States of America.

Company Profile

Principle Business

Bliss is a leading manufacturer of processing equipment for numerous industries. Our primary products are hammermills, pellet mills, and pellet coolers.


Bliss Industries, LLC., was formed in 1981 in Newkirk, OK. Over the years, we have developed into a leading manufacturer of processing equipment for the renewable fuels, industrial, agricultural, food, chemical, wood, fiber, and other industries. Bliss specializes in equipment for size reduction of materials, the creation of pellets from various materials, and the cooling of pellets and other industrial products. Today, Bliss Industries is privately owned, and offers a professional management team, a highly knowedgeable and experienced staff and labor force, and the most efficient and high quality equipment available.

900 E. Oakland Ave.
Ponca City, OK 74601

P.O. Box 910
Ponca City, OK 74602

Phone: 580-765-7787
Fax: 580-762-0111
Email: sales@bliss-industries.com