The OP›‹FLO Cooler has been refined to utilize an upward moving stream of ambient air to cool the product. As the air rises through the product, the product is cooled while the air is warmed. The warmer air meets the product entering from the top minimizing the temperature shock it is exposed to and preserving the highest quality. The product exiting at the bottom of the cooler is cooled to near ambient air temperature. The gradual heat transfer greatly enhances the product quality, reduces stressing, and fines. Through the falling product, hence the opposite flow or OP›‹FLO.

  • Bliss’s signature circular design enables an even distribution of the product and maximizes cooling uniformity.

  • The round design eliminates all poorly filled corners.

  • A distinct advantage of the OP›‹FLO cooling process is the compact “footprint”, or base size. The circular design offers a unique advantage, minimizing the footprint of the OP›‹FLO Cooler compared to the other cooling technologies.

  • “Simple Excellence” of the OP›‹FLO Cooler is in its highly efficient design, which produces a uniformly cooled product with a low operating and installation cost.